The @refugeecouncil has reported that asylum-seekers are self-harming at the prospect of being sent to Rwanda. This policy appears to be focused on the optics of being tough on migration, rather than addressing the lack of safe & legal routes for asylum.

Diaspora votes are likely to be important than ever in Lebanon's elections, the first since the 2020 #Beirut Blast. Diaspora voting can strengthen not only diaspora engagement with origin countries, but also government accountability! @ArabReform_ARI

Join us for the launch of the Continental #Diaspora Engagement Framework Programme for #Africa on the 20th of May!

Our CEO - Dr. Bashair Ahmed @bashairbitzakia will be discussing 'Diaspora in times of crisis within the continental diaspora engagement framework programme'!

IOM Southern Africa@IOMROpretoria

INVITATION: Launch of the Continental Diaspora Engagement Framework Programme for Africa
Zoom link:

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