5th Diaspora Engagement Forum (DEF) and African Diaspora & Development Day (AD3)

5th Diaspora Engagement Forum (DEF) and African Diaspora & Development Day (AD3)

9th July 2024

This is an important joint event in the diaspora and development space hosted by the African Union Commission’s African Institute for Remittances (AIR) initiative and the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD UK).

This event aims to maximise the development impact of remittances by increasing knowledge of the diaspora and by advancing practical knowledge on creating the conditions necessary to replicate innovative projects and initiatives between diaspora, development NGOs, national/local authorities and the private sector.

The day explored the impact, innovation and importance of diaspora remittances for sustainable development and within the humanitarian sector.

Shabaka was invited to moderate a panel discussion on the role of remittances in emergencies and humanitarian action. Shabaka’s Interim CEO, Elvina Quaison, led a diverse panel consisting of participation from Georgia Prati (FAO), Yasmin Ghaffar (Save the Children), Moses Mulimira (NHS England) and Dizo Conteh (PHD) (pictured below).

The discussion examined various forms of remittances beyond the financial aspect, particularly diaspora skills and technical expertise. Contributions also included the need to learn from diaspora development engagement practices to inform practices within humanitarian diaspora engagement and vice versa. The audience were very keen to see increased coordination in diaspora response in times of crisis, this is to reduce duplication of resources, work or the lack of support to hard-to-reach areas also in need.

This event highlighted the importance of carving out space for the diaspora, to share their work, ideas and contributions to development with each other and friends of diaspora.

We very much look forward to AD3 and DEF in 2025, thank you AFFORD and AIR for your important work.


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