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treboRRRR     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Customizability

Best WordPress theme I have used!

cfresh     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Design Quality

It’s a great theme over all. It includes a child theme, tons of features and a theme options panel that is easy to use. The page load is nice too 🙂

deplume     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Design Quality

This theme is wonderful! Lots of customizations and an easy to use page layout builder.

chriswchan     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Customer Support

One of the best thought out themes I have ever encountered. Despite being skeptical at first, it really does what it says! Also, if you do experience any niggles – you get a superb quick and efficient response from Ghostpool after experiencing difficulties with one of the settings. Turned out it wasn’t me after all and a bug! Quickly fixed and solved and a very satisfied customer who would buy from you again.

baystranger     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Customer Support

Super fast and effective customer support with code examples and fixes for minor issues while tweaking the theme.

ipekymz     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Customizability

tewibowo     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Flexibility

So Easy to use

gogenich     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Customer Support

It’s ok!

jessicapc_96     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Design Quality

hgw22     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Other

lovebu2     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Design Quality

clemeddme     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Customer Support

Very good support and beautiful template 🙂 Perfect Thanks you

gasmon     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Design Quality

woerterfall     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Customer Support

Very good theme, friendly and patient support and easy to adjust.

appliedaestheticmedia     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Customizability

kkolaganti     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Flexibility

Excellent theme – great options, features and wonderful support.

dryspark     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Feature Availability

Loving this theme – so flexible and still very feature rich

hostiez     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Design Quality

Nicely designed. Feature packed. User friendly

OurWebMedia     Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on Star-on

Main reason: Other

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