Family Remittances Podcast With Rania Amin & Kristie Kwarteng

Family Remittances Podcast With Rania Amin & Kristie Kwarteng

Discussing family remittances our research and data analyst Rania Amin and research manager Kristie Kwarteng delve into remittances from the Ghanaian and Sudanese diaspora experiences. Diaspora and remittance-sending patterns, in terms of crisis, are very important and highly adaptive. They discuss some of the barriers to remittance sending such as the high cost of it, trusting the banking and exchange systems and the problem of corruption. The impact of crises on remittance sending is shown in the current Sudan crisis where infrastructure has been impacted so people have been reliant on cash only. Kirstie talks about what motivates second-generation remittance including how remittances are the easiest way to meet people’s needs and support the economy and national development of Ghana.

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