Moving Beyond Words: Championing Inclusion for Humanitarian Women on IWD 

Moving Beyond Words: Championing Inclusion for Humanitarian Women on IWD 

This International Women’s Day (IWD), let’s move beyond kind words and embrace real inclusion for a group often overlooked: humanitarian women. These are the women who are working, supporting and living in often challenging circumstances, such as Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, DRC, Haiti and many others. These remarkable individuals devote their lives to making a difference in communities worldwide, yet their contributions deserve greater recognition. 

Celebrating with platitudes is not enough. This year, let’s commemorate IWD by taking action. True inclusion requires us to actively champion opportunities for these women, not wait for change to happen. 

Discrimination against women, whether due to gender or background, must be challenged. When women experience inequity, we have a responsibility to speak up, both individually and collectively. 

This IWD, let’s commit to more than just words. Let’s inspire inclusion by: 

– Providing mentorship and guidance to women humanitarians who are new or aspiring to work in these contexts 

– Advocating for gender-sensitive policies and practices that ensure the safety, dignity and well-being of women humanitarians and the communities they serve 

– Recognizing and celebrating the achievements and contributions of women humanitarians in these contexts and amplifying their voices and stories 

– Creating and sustaining networks and platforms that enable women humanitarians to connect, collaborate and learn from each other across different contexts and sectors 

– Offering flexible and tailored support that responds to the specific needs and challenges of women humanitarians in these contexts, such as psychosocial care, childcare, health services, etc. 

– Championing policies that promote diversity and equity in humanitarian leadership and decision-making 

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