Shabaka’s Top 10 Picks From 2022!

Shabaka’s Top 10 Picks From 2022!

From our book reviews, ‘Shabaka Talks’ podcast and blogs, Shabaka had a busy year last year so lets see which ones our team have chosen as their favourites from 2022.

1- The Diaspora’s Role In Migrant Protection: A Case Study Of Third-Country Nationals In Ukraine

This interesting brief takes a deep dive into the opportunities and challenges faces by third-country nationals in Ukraine offering recommendations

The Diaspora’s Role in Migrant Protection: A case study of third-country nationals in Ukraine

2- Shabaka CEO, Bashair Ahmed On Social Change Leadership

Our CEO Bashair Ahmed spoke at an Atlas Corps session about social change leadership bringing her perspective from 20 years of experience in the sector.

Shabaka CEO, Bashair Ahmed on Social Change Leadership

3- The Failures Of Refugee Burden-Sharing And The Diaspora’s Role

This blog discusses the failures of refugee burden sharing after the surge in arrivals of asylum seekers in Europe and the diasporas role.

The failures of refugee burden-sharing and the diaspora’s role

4- Through A Mirror Darkly – Ukraine And Global Responses To Displacement

Discussing the war, this blog goes into Ukraine and the global responses to displacement.

Through a mirror darkly – Ukraine and global responses to displacement

5- How the Sudanese Diaspora Mobilise its diverse expertise

This blog by Reem Abbas explores how digital communication and other resources have helped mobilize Sudanese diasporas expertise specifically within the provision of healthcare.

How the Sudanese diaspora mobilises its diverse expertise 

6- Mobile Technology and Africa

E- payments, apps to aid mitigare disease or remittances, mobile  technology plays a key role in Africa. This blog discusses the many advantages but also disadvantages of mobile technology in Africa.

Mobile Technology and Africa

7- Inclusion and Social Cohesion

Exploring how many people in the IGAD region are excluded of basic services this blog looks at how we can connect research, data and policy to create inclusion and social cohesion.

Inclusion and Social Cohesion: Connecting research, data, and policy 

8- Shabaka Talks: Migration And Citizenship Podcast Part 1

Featuring our Director of Research and Advocacy Paul Asquith alongside correspondent at The Voice newspaper Richard Sudan this podcast which is Part 1 of 3 discusses the recent history of migration and the framing of these migrants in the media.

Shabaka Talks: Migration and Citizenship Podcast Part 1

9- Independence For Jamaica, India, And Pakistan And Diaspora Resistance To Colonial Rule – Book Reviews

Shabaka Reads reviewed two recent books by diaspora academics which explore two different historical events which continue to have great significance today:  Time’s Monster – History, Conscience And British Empire by Priya Satia and Insurgent Empire – Anticolonial Resistance And British Dissent by Priyamvada Gopal.

Independence for Jamaica, India, and Pakistan and diaspora resistance to colonial rule – book reviews

10- Are The Existing Humanitarian Principles Fit For Purpose?

Exploring accountability, challenges to humanitarian principles and how these principles undermine diaspora humanitarians, this blog dives into the important question of are the existing humanitarian principles fit for purpose?

Are the existing humanitarian principles fit for purpose? 

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