Shabaka’s Top 10 Picks From The Media In 2022!

Shabaka’s Top 10 Picks From The Media In 2022!

Where do you even begin with such an event-packed year. We’ve put our heads together and come up with our content picks from 2022. It wasn’t easy narrowing it down to just 10, but here are ours? What are yours?

1- The British Monarchy Helped Mortgage Our Collective Future, by Priya Satia

This Time article delves into the the history of the british monarchy and shows scenes around the world post Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

2- سوريا البيوت البديلة والكوزموبوليت

An interesting discussion between two Syrian diaspora members discussing their backgrounds and life in Canada.

3- Fiction in a Post-Truth Age

This article discusses life as a non-western writer and the trials that come with it.

4- Seven stowaways and a hijacked oil tanker: the strange case of the Nave Andromeda

This article delves into the Nave Andromeda incident which occured in October 2020.


5- Best of 2022: ‘Is this justice?’: why Sudan is facing a multibillion-dollar bill for 9/11 – podcast

Two decades later Sudan is still facing not only the multi-billion dollar bill but the lack of compensation for Sudanese families of the victims.

6- Empire


This podcast discusses the rise of The East India Company from its humble beginnings in Tutor England.

7- France, Europe : qu’est-ce qu’une bonne politique migratoire?

Delving into the French immigration bill this podcast looks into what is a good migration policy?

8- Il faut des gens qui partent et d’autres qui restent

This article discusses the local population in the valley of Senegal River and how money from emigrants in France finances wells, schools and dispensaries for them.

9- Mo on Netflix

Mo | Official Trailer | Netflix  

This comedy drama shows the struggles of being a refugee seeking asylum in the US and depicts how Mo Najjar, a Palestinian refugee, adjusts to his new life.

10- Red Sea soul: Revolutionary cries for recognition in Sudan

This article talks with Noureddine Atta Al-Mawla Jabar’s (Noori) a Sudanese music artist discusses his struggles growing up and producing music in the Red Sea region.

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