Sudan in Crisis: A Call for Bold Change on the Anniversary of War

Sudan in Crisis: A Call for Bold Change on the Anniversary of War

15th April 2024

One year into the devastating conflict in Sudan, the international community finds itself at a crossroads. We’ve engaged in countless discussions on advocacy, leadership, and resources, yet a “silver bullet” remains elusive. The wait has brought famine alongside the ongoing war and displacement. The situation is dire, and the impact will scar generations. 

A Broken Model, A Stark Contrast 

Twenty years ago, Darfur’s advocacy efforts were a model of collaboration and impact (even if unsuccessful on the ground). Today, a shocking disconnect exists between the crisis’s severity and the current incoherent approach. We need a fresh perspective. Throwing resources at the “old guard” has yielded insufficient results. It’s time to empower new players capable of driving significant change. 

Who Are Sudan’s True Advocates? 

Numerous groups are fighting for Sudan, but their efforts lack cohesion. Messaging needs strengthening; key actors like the League of Arab States, Gulf Cooperation Council, and Arabic media are not engaged, and there’s an overreliance on a purely political approach. We must operate on multiple fronts: immediate humanitarian relief alongside long-term civil society and peacebuilding efforts. 

Beyond Stop-Gap Measures: A Time for Action 

At Shabaka, we stepped in initially, hoping others would take the lead. We are ready to support genuine initiatives, but time is running out. The upcoming Pledging Conference in Paris offers a crucial opportunity. We need a unified voice, clear messaging targeting key actors, and a comprehensive strategy that tackles immediate and long-term needs. 

Sudan stands on the precipice. The world cannot afford to be a bystander. It’s time for bold change, a new generation of advocates to rise, and a commitment to seeing this crisis through to a peaceful and prosperous future for Sudan. 

Key Recommendations

Declare the risk of famine and initiate concerted and holistic efforts around famine prevention/response. 

Prioritise Direct Funding: Allocate resources directly to mutual aid organisations in Sudan and adjacent nations for prompt humanitarian aid. 

Address Funding Impediments: Establish transparent risk management frameworks to comprehend and lessen the true risk of inaction, thus enabling these entities to access funds. 

Advocate for Unrestricted Communication: Campaign for the cessation of internet blackouts to ensure open and unimpeded communication, essential for the coordination of aid and the assurance of transparency. 

Support Sustainable Solutions: Promote enduring resolutions and safeguarding measures for all individuals displaced by the turmoil, including establishing the rights and welfare of third-country nationals caught in the conflict. 

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