Sudan: Standing In Solidarity

Sudan: Standing In Solidarity

11th April 2024

The first anniversary of the Sudanese conflict looms large, and the international community faces a critical moment. The upcoming Pledging Conference in Paris isn’t just another meeting; it’s a chance to redefine our approach. This crisis has been met with widespread apathy, but amidst the escalating famine and violence, authentic leadership has emerged from within Sudan itself – the remarkable Sudanese people. Their unwavering strength is a wake-up call for a new strategy.

Traditional aid and intervention haven’t been enough, as evidenced by the desperate situation. Stories from mutual aid groups in Darfur, Khartoum, and Kassala paint a harrowing picture of a broken humanitarian system. Promises and discussions haven’t translated into action, leaving thousands struggling to survive. This is a failure not just of resources but of imagination and resolve.

How to help

In standing with Sudan, we must champion innovative solutions that break the mould. The Paris conference must catalyse change, forging new partnerships and fostering unconventional ideas that deliver actual results. We must listen to those living in the crisis daily and empower them to lead the way. Only then can Sudan rise from its ashes and move towards a future of stability and peace.

The world is watching; let’s not fail them.

Here’s what you can do: 

Highlight the risk of famine and advocate that the international community initiate efforts around famine prevention/response.  

Support Local Heroes: Advocate for direct funding to reach mutual aid groups in Sudan and neighbouring countries. These groups are crucial for immediate humanitarian assistance. 

Cut the Red Tape: Help address the hurdles in funding these groups by calling for clear risk management frameworks. Recognise that inaction is the real risk. 

Lift the Shutdowns: Demand an end to internet shutdowns in Sudan. Free and open communication is essential for coordinating aid and ensuring transparency. 

Seeking Refuge, Finding Solutions: Advocate for long-term solutions and protection for everyone displaced by the crisis. This includes securing the rights and well-being of those from other countries affected by the conflict. 

How to support: 

How to Help the People of Sudan? ( 

Beam Reports | بيــم ريبـورتس 

Sudan Doctors Union – UK Branch – الهيئة النقابية للأطباء السودانيين بالمملكة المتحدة ( 

Sudanese American Physicians Association | SAPA USA ( 

Sudanese American Medical Association ( 

A further listing of Sudanese Non-Governmental Organisations can be found here: The situation of National NGOs in light of the Sudan Crisis – Publication #9 – Shabaka 

A listing of Sudanese-led initiatives: Diaspora Humanitarian Responses To The Crisis In Sudan – SCCU Publication #7 – Shabaka 

Overview of Sudanese Emergency Response Rooms: Sudan’s Emergency Response Rooms Overview and Recommendations – SCCU Publication # 13 – Shabaka 

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