Switchboard Talks

Switchboard Talks

Introducing the first of our podcasts from switchboard a special initiative funded by USAID.


Switchboard is a pilot and innovative project designed by and for the diaspora and funded by USAID.  

It aims to connect different generations and networks of diaspora actors thanks to technology, 

to strengthen the continuity of efforts in humanitarian action.  

The Switchboard project uses different interfaces such as a microsite and a web application to provide and share podcasts, blogs, policy briefings, or webinars throughout the project. These interfaces or “switches” are there to encourage knowledge-sharing, increase awareness, and contribute to building more sustainable and impactful diaspora-led solutions to global humanitarian crises. 

It intends to become a first port of call for diaspora actors who would like to learn more, contribute or act within humanitarian contexts. As well as practical advice, the switches will make available online cultural resources that remind you of home even in the most challenging times during crises. 

This pilot focuses on Haiti, Sudan, and Syria, countries whose diasporas have been 

active in mounting a humanitarian response to recurrent crises, over generations.  

This project is implemented with diaspora partners, namely Governance Programming Overseas (GPO), 

Haiti Renewal Alliance (HRA), The Syrian Charities & Associations Network in the UK (SCAN UK) and 

American Relief Coalition for Syria (ARCS)to collect vital insights on their needs when responding to humanitarian crises. 

The first of our podcasts kicks off with an overview on advocacy by Shabaka colleagues and advocacy veterans

Dr Sara Abdelgalil and Paul Asquith.

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