New Publication on Migration in the Sahel

New Publication: The Security–Migration–Development Nexus Revised: A Perspective from the Sahel     This research aims at re-conceptualizing this nexus through the analysis of this linkage in the Sahel region, and in particular vis-à-vis three case countries: Niger, Senegal and Sudan. The publication also recasts …

New Report: Diaspora, Development and Humanitarian Response

Diaspora, Development and Humanitarian Response: Motivations, Opportunities and Challenges for Children of Migrants March 2017 By Bashair Ahmed and Samah Ahmed Download full report here Diasporas are growing communities globally and are becoming significant players in development and humanitarian response, whether in their new homes …

Radio Interview- US proposes Foreign Aid cuts by almost 30 percent

Newsday programme, BBC World Service| 17 Mar 2017
Radio interview with Bashair Ahmed, Executive Director of Shabaka Social Enterprise, discussing the impact of proposed cuts by the US Administration of its international affairs budget by almost 30 percent, the impact of the travel ban on citizens from 6 majority Muslim countries and President Trump’s relations with the Africa.