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Operations Manager 

​​Job Title: Operations Manager Location Work remotely in the UK (with some face-to-face meetings) 
Salary £40-45,000 pro-rata ​​Position Type​: Consultancy contract  Full-time for three months (extendable) 

Who are we? 

We are a values-driven consulting and research organisation focused on diaspora and migrant’s humanitarian action. 

Shabaka was established in 2014 to help fight the injustices that leave entire communities disadvantaged and shut out from socio-economic and political progress.   

What are we looking for?  

We are seeking an experienced Operations Manager to join our small team.  

The Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of Shabaka, ensuring that the staff, projects, and finances are well-managed and aligned with the organisation’s vision and mission. The operations manager reports to the CEO and works closely with the Research and Advocacy Director and Finance Director, as well as other managers and external partners. 

Candidates should possess strong numeracy skills, have excellent attention to detail, and ideally, have experience managing project or grant budgets. Candidates should have strong interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate complex information in simple prose and be able to build relationships with a wide variety of internal and external partners. The lived experience of working on diaspora, development and/or humanitarianism would be considered an asset. 

If this is you please send a detailed CV to by 31st July.

Main duties and responsibilities 

Operational Management 

  • Work closely with the HR team, developing and implementing operational policies and procedures to ensure efficiency, quality, and compliance. This involves reviewing and updating the existing policies and procedures and creating new ones as needed.  
  • Ensures that the staff are aware of and follow the policies and procedures and are regularly evaluated and improved. 
  • Ensure a positive and high-quality team member experience through recruitment, employment and after exit. 
  • Cultivate an inspiring and supportive workplace culture and model a fair and open management approach that ensures trusted relationships are embedded.  
  • Supervise and support the administrative staff, including IT, logistics, procurement, and office management.  
  • Oversee Shabaka’s IT systems and infrastructure, logistics and transportation arrangements, procurement of goods and services,  
  • Working closely with the Finance team, coordinating and monitoring the budgeting, accounting, and reporting processes, ensuring accuracy and transparency.  

Strategy and Development 

  • Guide the organisation towards its goals and ensure it operates effectively and efficiently. Focusing on strategic development in operational areas and collaborating closely with colleagues and external partners. 
  • Identify opportunities for growth and improvement. 
  • Leading the strategic development of Shabaka’s operations, you will work closely with managers and senior colleagues to develop a clear action plan. 
  • Keep up to date with changes in legislation and policy that may impact the organisation’s work and take steps to clarify and implement any necessary changes. 
  • Attend Board Meetings and present reports as needed. 
  • Working closely with the CEO, Director of Research and Advocacy, and Financial Director to develop plans for the Operations area, ensuring alignment with the broader organisational strategy. 
  • Contributing to the strategic planning and development of the Shabaka, identifying opportunities and challenges. This involves formulating the organisation’s vision, mission, goals, objectives, strategies, and potential opportunities for funding or partnership development. 

GDPR Compliance 

  • Keeping data and records accurate and up to date. 
  • Ensure refresher training on GDPR awareness is completed regularly. 
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR is always maintained. 

People Management 

  • Implement and monitor an agreed approach to resource allocation across the functions.  
  • Motivating and supporting team members through the setting of clear targets and objectives 
  • Conducting a programme of appraisals and supervision 
  • Ensuring that team members are fully integrated into the work of the wider organisation. 
  • Ensuring that team members identify, record, and address concerns appropriately. 
  • Oversee and develop all stages of the team members engagement, from job design and recruitment to performance management, coaching, retention, development and leaving processes.  
  • Organises regular staff meetings, team-building activities, workshops, seminars, etc., to enhance the organisation’s knowledge sharing, learning, innovation, and cooperation. 

Qualifications and Competencies 

Education Studies in International Development, Migration, Politics, Business Administration or related discipline.   
Experience Seven plus years’ experience in implementation of development and/or humanitarian programmes and projects. Experience in managing complex contracts and agreements required.  Excellent diplomacy skills and proven ability to establish and maintain relationships with donors, senior government officials and other key stakeholders such as NGOs, CSOs and the private sector. Knowledge/awareness of International NGOs/ organisations/ charity ecosystem globally or/and in the UK Experience in developing and managing budgets Experience in developing/supporting bids/projects 
Competencies Demonstrate strong organisational skills. Work collaboratively and flexibly in a small team, yet with initiative and motivation when working independently or remotely. Offer excellent writing and formatting skills, strong attention to detail, excellent written English, and produce high-quality committee documentation. Handle sensitive matters with the utmost confidentiality. Liaise confidently with senior international stakeholders, with an ability to explain complex arrangements in clear English. Communicate clearly and confidently with colleagues and other stakeholders. Work methodologically, with strong project management skills, plan, coordinate, manage, and deliver on diverse projects. Work in a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment, meet deadlines and manage competing priorities. Demonstrate a high level of IT skills,  

What is in it for you? 

Your input will shape how we present ourselves to our stakeholders, funders and the general public and deliver high-quality projects. With your help, we will continue to amplify diasporas’ voices, which enables them to respond more effectively to humanitarian crises where they live and origin countries.   

You would become part of our small, friendly team working for an organisation focused on often marginalised communities and use your time to make a real difference during unprecedented times. You will have the opportunity to also work on innovative projects delivered in partnership with governments, the UN, national and international NGOs and private sector actors.  

If this is you please send a detailed CV to by 31st July.