About us

Who are we

Shabaka is a start-up social enterprise providing a platform for diaspora collaboration towards development in Africa and the Middle East. At Shabaka we aim to promote and support diaspora engagement in development for greater fairness in political, legal, and economic systems. We are self-sustaining our operation by providing consultancy services to corporate, NGO, community and government sectors working to address development and humanitarian challenges.


To build and promote innovative enterprising and sustainable solutions in development and humanitarian response by and for communities from Africa and the Middle East to improve their lives.

What do we do?

Shabaka Social Enterprise has two areas of services to achieve its mission and goals:

Professional Services

  • Consultancy services: Provide professional consultancy services to corporate, NGO, community and government sectors in the development and humanitarian sectors. Areas of expertise include: migration, protection and rights issues.
  • Research hub: Produce research and policy briefing on development and humanitarian issues in collaboration with individuals and organisations from and in the Global South.

Voluntary Services

  • Online platform: connect diasporas with interest or experience in development and humanitarian response to collaborate and work together. In addition, provide access to capacity building initiatives and mentoring.
  • Community support services: provide free or reduced cost professional services to support NGOs and community organisations with limited funds.

Shabaka Social Enterprise was made possible when awarded a Startup Sussex bursary, Santander Junior Associate Bursary.